About Auto Glass Warehouse

We are family owned and operated and dedicated to serving your family with all your auto glass repair and auto glass replacement needs.

Auto Glass Warehouse has assembled a team of seasoned professionals who have been serving Southwest Florida for over 25 years.

Our office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.

We accept most forms of payment including: Master Card, Visa, debit card and cash

NGA Certification

What does it mean to be NGA certified?

Passing an NGA certification examination means that you have met agreed-upon industry standards for knowledge in the field of glass replacement. You will receive a certificate, an identification card and six uniform patches that attest to your successful performance (passing score) on the examination.

Why should my company's technicians be NGA certified?

Consumers are more comfortable with individuals who are licensed or certified. NGA is leading the way in the auto glass industry by providing a challenging certification program, which remains current and viable. This program helps ensure that those individuals wearing the "NGA Certified Patch" are knowledgeable technicians.

Who is eligible for NGA's Certified Auto Glass Technician Exam?

Candidates for certification must have been employed as an auto glass technician for the appropriate number of months or years. The minimum requirements are: Certified Auto Glass Technician (CAGT): minimum of six months work experience in the auto glass industry as an auto glass installer. Certified Master Auto Glass Technician (CMAGT): minimum of three years work experience in the auto glass industry as an auto glass installer plus a valid Certified Auto Glass Technician certification.

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