how to prevent your car from break in

Each year, it’s estimated that $1.26 billion in personal items are stolen from cars that have been broken into– that’s almost $700 worth of items, per theft occurrence! This holiday season, don’t be a statistic. Instead, do your part to prevent car-related theft (and the headache that comes along with it).

tips for filing an auto theft claim

The steps you take before and after filing claims for auto theft or vandalism can get your car insurance claim processed faster and your check into your hand more quickly. These tips will ensure that you have the information you need to file your claim and help your auto insurance company process it as quickly as possible.

how to avoid getting rear ended by tailgaters

The risk of being rear ended increases big time when dealing with tailgaters. Not only is tailgating rude behavior, it’s also extremely dangerous and leads to thousands of traffic accidents each year. When faced with a tailgater, it’s important to take the “high road” and react with your head, not your emotions. It could mean the difference between being rear ended and being safe.

driving and wildlife

Hitting an animal with your car can be scary and stressful. Besides the emotional costs, animal collisions can be financially damaging as well.