where to find project cars

You may already have restored a classic or vintage automobile and are looking for a new project car or perhaps you might be searching for that just right car for your first attempt at a restoration project. Think first about the type of car that you'd like to rebuild.

how to fix a cracked coolant resevoir

A crack in your car's coolant reservoir can mean bad news for the safe and efficient operation of your engine. As your engine heats up during operation, the coolant reservoir serves as a temporary container for your car's coolant as it is expelled from your radiator. Then, when the temperature of your engine cools, the stored coolant is replenished into the radiator itself. Although it is relatively easy to diagnose and even fix a crack in your radiator reservoir, extreme caution must be taken due to the intense pressure that this component is under during operation. It is almost always a better idea to replace a cracked reservoir entirely, but below you will find steps that you can use for a quick solution.

nuisanceca noises

Perhaps one of the most annoying problems you'll find in a vehicle is a nuisance noise. While not necessarily a hazard, that irksome rattle or squeak can drive you batty on even a short trip.

how to replacea crankshaft oil seal

The crankshaft oil seal is probably one of the most important things under your hood. Its main purpose is to seal the openings on either end of the crankshaft—the front and the rear. It also helps maintain the crankcase seal, and while it is made from durable material able to withstand pressure, heat, and oil, this seal will wear out over time.

Depending on which type you're dealing with, a replacement can be easy. The front crankshaft oil seal can be repaired by any DIYer with the right directions, but unless you have all the right equipment, it is advisable to have the rear crankshaft oil seal replaced by an auto mechanic.

how to prevent and repair paint oxidation

Most car owners understand the importance of having a vehicle’s oil changed regularly, the tires rotated and brakes replaced to keep it running properly.