car insurance fraud

Car insurance fraud affects all drivers because insurance companies determine rates, in part, based on losses. So the more losses (or claims filed) in a city or state, the higher premiums might be. And car insurance fraud costs drivers billions of dollars in any given year.

 how to compare insurance companies

It's easy to focus on the final premium when you compare car insurance quotes, but check on your coverage selections, limits, and deductibles before considering that final price.

Esurance offers coverages to protect your vehicle, your passengers, your finances, and (of course) you.

what is car liability insurance

do insurance rates go up after car burglery

In theory, a claim for a car burglary can cause not just one, but two types of insurance premiums to rise. Depending on the nature of the burglary, both your auto insurance and your homeowners or renters insurance could be the logical policy to make a claim against. Then again, you also may find that neither offers much assistance, depending on the nature of each policy.

is car insurance tied to the car or driver

So you lend your car to a friend, and he gets into an accident. Who's financially responsible -- you or the friend? What about a situation when you need to rent a car? Should you opt for the rental car insurance or will your existing insurance cover you in the event of an accident? Put another way, is your car insurance tied to you or your car? The answer: It depends.